OTTs aim to increase subscribers and make access to their contents easier

On the first day of the Nextv Series Argentina 2019 event, the leading conference organized by Dataxis  that took place on May 14th and 15th at the Intercontinental Hotel in Buenos Aires, the panel ‘Personalization and content promotion via OTT’ was developed. Ricardo Roig (Qubit TV), Jorgie Striedinger (Digital Element), Andrés Delgado (ClickVideo) and Agustina Lumi (CineAR) took part of it, and some of the main topics debated were how to expand the OTTs contents catalos in a local and global level, and also how to make access to content easier for subscribers.

Andres Delgado, director of the Uruguayan digital platform ClickVideo, said that its content reaches more than 200 thousand tablets that the Uruguayan Government delivers as part of the Ibirapitá Plan, which focuses on digital inclusion for retirees in the country. Delgado explained that the OTT has its own Uruguayan catalog, distributed both within the country and abroad, and expressed that they are currently doing productions in Sydney, Australia, and have planned a partnership with pay TV operators for 2019-2020,  that was considered as “a very important distribution line’ by him Ricardo Roig, Qubit TV’s Marketing and Growth Manager, said that the company plans to reach sixty thousand subscribers in 2020. They are in the Bafici and other film festivals. Both Roig and Delgado said that, up to date, they have not come to terms with cable TV operators to expand their reach.

Jorgie Striedinger, VP of Digital Element in Latin America, suggested personalization as one of the main topics to debate. The executive emphasized the need to geolocate catalog and advertising, and the use of keywords in OTTs to make content eassier and faster to get for subscribers, and, this way, allow them to dialogue with their device. “There is a 56% increase in social networks when a user is on OTT and other platforms, plus geolocation data, to promote content that is locally relevant’, he said, and highlighted the importance of good data quality, so that it can be used for advertising and catalog’s segmentation.

Agustina Lumi, from Cinear, said that, into the platform’s main golas,, are the possibilities of running agreements with cable operators in 2020, contrary to the Qubit TV and ClickVideo’s proposals. ‘We have a cross-channel between the TV channel and the platform. There is an audience that I am interested in bringing to the community that may, later, buy a movie ticket. The international arrival is key for all but the cross-channel ensures that they continue watching the content we have’, she concluded.