OTT Amazon Prime Video adds local content in Latin America in society with Viacom

OTT service Amazon Prime Video from American electronic company Amazon got to a deal for the distribution in Latin America of two non-release series from Viacom productions. Those are two latin American productions named ¿Homens? and ¿Dani Who?.

The first one was created by Brazilian YouTube channel Porta dos Fundos (from Viacom) and its schedule to be release in 2019. The second one would be on production during next year.

‘In Latin America, we are focused in adding relevant local content thereby we are specially enthusiastic with this new ones’, said Latin America Amazon Video Prime Content in Chief Pablo Iacovello. So far, the latin America productions that were release in OTT were Diablo Guardián and Un Extraño Enemigo, while LOL: Last One Laughing would be available on December.