OSN picks SAWA Rights Management as its exclusive commercial distribution partner in the UAE

UAE-based content licensing management company, SAWA Rights Management (SRM), has been chosen as the exclusive partner of OSN for Business in the UAE. As part of the deal, SRM will handle all the commercial licensing for OSN for Business across the Emirates.

Hotels, hospitals, cafes, restaurants, compounds, camps, Businesses, and other commercial properties who are interested to provide entertainment for their customers can now have access to OSN channels through SRM. SRM is a one-stop-shop solution for commercial subscriptions; distributing over 300 TV channels consisting of a wide range of genres and languages to over 1000 commercial hotels, hospitals, cafes and telecommunication network operators in the Middle East and North Africa.

The CEO of SRM, Ali Ajouz, said, “We are thrilled to partner with OSN and offer their wide variety of quality programming to our customers. We are confident that our extensive experience in the market combined with OSN’s best and unrivalled entertainment offering will lead to significant growth for SRM and OSN as well as increase the quality and relevance of entrainment for all our customers.”

On the other hand, the Chief Commercial Officer of OSN, Hani ElKukhun, commented, “We found the perfect partner in SRM. Their wealth of experience in the industry combined with their strong network will help us expand and accelerate the growth of OSN for Business in the UAE.”