OSN partners with TVbeat in MENA

OSN has announced a strategic collaboration with TVbeat Inc, to operate its TV SaaS Framework services, in a step that will reinforce OSN’s position as a data-driven network and allow it to better address shifting viewership behavior and trends in the MENA region.

In collaborating with OSN, TVbeat will streamline set-top box viewership and demographic datasets and activate harmonized TV data accessible through its comprehensive TV Audience Measurement interfaces. The set of services include custom Reporting, Ranker, Research and Audience Manager modules to provide granular insights into linear and nonlinear TV viewership behavior across any type of audience segment.

The SVP Strategy at OSN, Devrim Melek, said, “Our partnership with TVbeat comes in line with our ongoing efforts to bring our audiences not only best in class content but also content that resonates and entertains. Our mission is to answer our consumers desires and needs and our whole operation relies on our deep understanding of the nuances of the region, and this understanding is backed by data. In this sense, it is only a natural and strategic choice to invest more and more in this space.”

The CEO of TVbeat, Robert Farazin, declared, “OSN is taking key steps in empowering their staff with data insights to impact their growing business, which is something we are excited to be delivering.”

Source: BroadcastPro ME