OSN announced new partnership with Snapchat in MENA

OSN has recently partnered with Snapchat in the middle east region to bring some of the blockbuster movies to viewers, using the power of augmented reality.

The main objective of this joint venture is to increase awareness about OSN Streaming and attract new subscribers. Part of the campaign, a series of creative Snap Ads were launched to promote popular contents from HBO and Disney+ including The Mandolorian, Killing Eve, Grey’s Anatomy, Game of Thrones and the movie Bohemian Rhapsody. The ad campaign targeted a huge diversity of demographics in both English and Arabic where Snapchat delivered 34% of the total purchases and a fifth of all sign-ups.

The campaign help launched a dedicated Snapchat Lens to bring award-winning TV drama, Killing Eve, to life. The Lens delivered a high level of engagement and reached up to 2.2M snapchatters across the MENA region.

OSN announced the launch of its new streaming service, OSN Streaming which is available on osn.com, OSN mobile and TV apps.