Original Colombian production Frontera Verde arrives at Netflix on August 16th

Frontera Verde, the original Colombian miniserie produced by Dynamo for Netflix, will premiere on the platform next August 16th. As a way of promoting it after its official launch, the OTT published the Colombian series official trailer.

The story is located on the border between Brazil and Colombia, where a young detective named Helena and her partner, an indigenous called Reynaldo, investigate a series of strange murders together. At the same time, the series develops the story of Yua and Ushe, two natives known as ‘The Eternal’, which are against Joseph, a foreigner who believes that the indigenous population hides a great secret. Stories and characters collide throughout the serie to solve a mystery that may change theirs and humanity’s lives.   

Frontera Verde is directed by Ciro Guerra, Jacques Toulemonde and Laura Mora, and written by Mauricio Leiva-Cock, Anton Goenechea, Camila Burges, Gibran Portela, Javier Peñalosa, Maria Camila Arias, Natalia Santa and Nicolas Serrano. Executive producers are Ciro Guerra, Diego Ramirez, Andres Calderon, Cristian Conti and Jorge Dorado, together with Diego Ramirez and Juliana Flores.