Online video business defines how to adapt itself to the market needs

During the second day of the Nextv Series Argentina event, the leading conference that took place on May 14th and 15th at the Intercontinental Hotel in Buenos Aires organized by Dataxis, the panel ‘How to develop the new online video business’  was held, Speakers that took part of it were Marcos Foglia (Artear Argentina), Fernando Cordara (Vorterix Argentina), Cristian Hernandez Rodriguez (Profile Network Argentina), Jonatan Fasano (Group America Argentina) and Thomas McCarthy (Bitmovin Latin America).Some of the main topics debated were the need to become adapted to the audiences schedules, the development of digital networks, new monetization-content and advertising development models , and how to make content become profitable.

‘We look for differential content, to be where the audience is’, said Marcos Foglia, Digital Platforms Director of Artear. In this same line, Jonatan Fasano, Digital Commercial Manager of Grupo América, said that ‘today, there is greater freedom of schedules, and we must adapt ourselves to the audiences times’. Foglia also spoke about the need to develop other networks from the digital field and, this way, Fernando Cordara (Director of Integrated Media & Head of Content of Vorterix) expressed that the company ‘was born as a digital media one, with the aim of offering something extra to the radio’.

Cristian Hernandez Rodriguez, Digital Director of Perfil Network, said that YouTube and Facebook currently ‘keep 70% of the advertising revenue’. According to Cordara’s view, YouTube makes it impossible for a company to monetize itself to install a platform. ‘Unlike YouTube, with its own development, the entire content is guaranteed’, he said. In addition, Hernandez Rodriguez insisted on the need to search for new ways of advertising development, and indicated that creative formats should be analyzed to improve profitability.

Thomas McCarthy, Sales Director of Bitmovin for Latin America, said that the company ‘solve the bandwidth availability problems, with techniques to improve the encoding, taking advantage of Netflix experience, which assigns a type of coding for each content’. This way, Hernandez expressed that ‘our fiction is subsequently monetized by licensing it to Netflix. We know that this is business and we try to make everything profitable’. As a complement, McCarthy said that ‘BBC motivates people to watch their streaming contents after each program. Today, with the Cloud you can experiment and see what works and what does not work. That is  Netflix’s secret’, he ended.