One Africa TV to air ‘Yellow Submarine’ in Namibia

Yellow Submarine’ will be broadcasted on One Africa TV. The show will offer compelling interviews with Namibia’s most leading entertainment personalities. The show, which debuts on Sunday, is focused on arts but also into other areas of life such as medicine and issues affecting artists. 

The producer, Jonathan Luvindao, declared, “Our target demographic is quite simple – all art lovers from 16 years of age and up. The show’s content is captivating, with discussions from many of Namibia’s legends such as Big Ben, Ras Sheehama, Sally, Gazza, Harry Simon and much more.’’

The show will become the biggest thing to occur on the Namibian TV scene and Luvindao wants the rest of Africa to ultimately be part of the show’s success.
Thrilled about the first season, Luvindao said he hopes a good feedback from the audience. “I believe that by the time we get to the end of season two we will have a large cult following. Reaching the Namibian market is a given – the true test will be to reach Southern Africa via one or two DStv channels.”

The Content Manager of One Africa TV, Taleni Shimhopileni, declared, “Yellow Submarine’ is one of the few Namibian hour-long sit-down talk shows with Namibian celebrities. With many entertainment shows centered on a fast-paced interview style, ‘Yellow Submarine’ sits down with known Namibians and interfaces with our different celebrities on rich, deep and engaging topics.”