Ondamedia’s views grow by 1,000% after releasing titles for free during the Coronavirus pandemic

As the web version of the Chilean newspaper ‘La Tercera’ officially reported, Chilean Culture Minister, Consuelo Valdes, reported that Chilean content available on the Ondamedia OTT platform increased their views by 1,000%. Since March 19th, with the beginning of the quarantine period, the system of eight monthly tickets to which users had access to watch eight productions of their choice per month, was replaced by unlimited access to available titles.

‘Chilean movies views grew by 1,000%, consolidating the web platform created by the Ministry of Culture, Art and Heritage of Chile as the place to access quality content’, said Valdes in relation to the growth of Ondamedia views. 

According to ‘La Tercera’, since Ondamedia allowed unlimited access to its catalog, views increased from 33 thousand to 380 thousand between 2019 and 2020. ‘La Tercera’ quotes the data according to information from the Emol website, which adds that while in 2019 350 thousand reproductions were recorded on the platform, between January and June 2020 1.3 million streams were made.

According to the information published by Emol, some of the most watched movies on Ondamedia are ‘Ema’ (Pablo Larrain, 2019); ‘Mala Junta’ (Claudia Hauiquimilla, 2017), and others. Furthermore, ‘Lemebel’ (Joanna Reposi, 2019) leads the ranking of the most watched documentaries, followed by ‘Chicago Boys’ (Carola Fuentes, 2015) and ‘Hoy no es mañana’ (Josefina Morandé, 2018).

Apart from its web version, Ondamedia’s catalog is also available in a recently launched application for mobile devices with iOS and Android, which allows watching movies on smart TVs via Chromecast.