Oi expands FTTH in Brazil

Oi focused its main goal on the FTTH market in Brazil, with which it expects to make huge profits, according to its CEO Rodrigo Abreu. Recently, the company expanded its network in six more cities in the country, and from now on the inhabitants of Garibaldi (RS), Medianeira, Palmas, Piraquara (PR), Içara and Ituporanga (SC) will be able to enjoy the Oi Fibra service.

After having sold its mobile unit and control of its infrastructure for USD 2,480,956,680, the telecommunications company faces a new chapter with the illusion of expanding into GPON and making it its main product for the next few years. “Nova Oi”, will be oriented mainly in the attention and the customer service. In addition, it will offer, as a strategy, more and more services that work on the high-speed connection.

Also, Abreu confirmed that the company has already begun to isolate copper fixed telephony and migrate to fiber with several of its clients, and remarked that in the second quarter of 2021, Oi’s market share in cities with FTTH increased by 20 %.
According to an analysis revealed by the CEO, Oi will have an income of USD 2,878,140,000 in the next two or three years, coming from its expansion of the fiber. However, he clarified that the report did not consider the income corresponding to V.Tal, the brand that has more than 400 thousand km of GPON from the company. Therefore, if it is taken into account, the value of the next few years could increase even more.