Oi announces its relaunch with fiber optic

Brazilian telecommunications company Oi presented its strategic plan last Tuesday, which defines the company’s direction during the next three years. The operator, which is going through a judicial recovery process, considers the expansion of its services offered through FTTH as its main focus.

According to the plan detailed by the company, Oi plans to end the year with 4.6 million homes passed and, between 2019 and 2021, it projects to cover 16 million homes. The company recorded 1.7 million passed homes in the first quarter this year, with a 200 thousand homes per month average growth and, to continue the deployment, money would come from assets sales. In addition, with 145 thousand customers in the first quarter, fiber represented 21% of the company’s broadband revenues, which recorded 4.7 million accesses.

Oi plans to sell its stake in the Angolan operator Unitel this year and, for the next, it wants to get rid of data centers, non-strategic assets and real estate. The estimated value for cash inflows is between USD 1,7 and USD 2 billion. The report also mentions a migration to IPTV as part of the company’s strategy.