NTV to air BBC’s Smart Money Show

Smart Money was launched officially on Monday, October 22, 2018 with a nearly all-African-journalists team behind sharing the compelling entrepreneurship stories under the BBC Smart Money banner.

The first production of the BBC Smart Money will be available on seven local channels, with Kenya’s NTV set to air the program on Wednesday, October 24, 2018 at 10.05 PM including the other stations in Zambia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and NTV Uganda.

The half-hour weekly show will give the opportunity to a team of expert presenters to bring a variety of stories, which is focused on personal finance, the economy and entrepreneurship. There will be stories of success and the latest updates on big money decisions influencing African’s lives.

The Business Editor of BBC News Africa, Larry Madowo, declared, “A programme like this has never been seen or made before in Africa and I’m sure our audiences will fall in love with it. We have more African journalists covering African business than ever before and we’re excited to share their incredible storytelling with viewers across the continent.’’

Smart Money will also be introducing ‘Biashara Bomba’ (Swahili) soon and ‘Questions D’Argent’ (French) and in Hausa next year.

BBC Africa program’s content will be available on its YouTube channel, on its news site, and across all its social media platforms.