Nextv Series debated about the challenges of TV, OTTs and user experience in Mexico

During the first day of Nextv Series Mexico & Central America ninth edition, leading conference organized by Dataxis at the Marriott Reforma Hotel in Mexico City, some of the main topics debated on different panels were the growth of the OTT market and the multiple ways in which video contents are consumed.

‘We already have many OTT applications in the main devices, and now also in STBs, sticks and smart TVs. But the difference between the same apps on different devices tends to change a lot. The user experience must be unified. Applications and services must be optimized’, said Jonathan Virgen, Head of OTT at Dish Mexico, regarding how to improve the user experience in this market. ‘There are many things we should learn from OTTs. The change has been difficult for traditional cable operators. It means entering a different business, consumption and ages world. We must see the dynamism that OTTs have. Cable operators must evolve in user experience improvement’, he added.

During the panel ‘How to personalize the TV experience’, executives expressed themselves on how to have wider audiences. ‘With personalized features we get to know consumers preferences, and now we can explore other advertising methods’, said Oriam Corrales, Principal Engineer / Senior Architect at Blim TV. In addition, during the ‘FTA TV in the OTT era”, another of the conference panels, Ramón Garcia, Marketing and Customer Service Director at Blim, said that the company is ‘focused on users, in always being  with them at any time. Our added value proposal is to offer TV everywhere. It is what will really lead us to a change and an evolution of TV’, he said.

This way, Emilio Aliaga, VP of Azteca Digital, said that ‘we have also developed a kind of TV Everywhere, because we added the four TV channels we have on TV Azteca for free and live. We focus a lot on the user and believe that the option to offer everything in one place and in an organized way, delivers a very valuable experience for them’. In addition, Armando Casas, General Director at Canal 22, announced the next launch of a public media OTT. ‘There is already an approach with a platform called MXplay, but we want to strengthen it, because it is still very incipient. There is a network of public TV broadcasters that would be integrated into this platform’. 

In addition, the first Nextv Series Mexico & Central America conference day  featured the ‘Mobile, video and OTT’ panel, where executives from AT&T, MOG-Technologies, Mediapro US and Telefónica México highlighted the versatility of options and growth of coverage, TV networks distribution and portability options for mobile phone applications. ‘Mobile will be the only way for content consumption, for paying, for whatever’, said Xavier Martorell, Deputy Director Digital Services B2C & Business Intelligence and Responsable for Movistar Play.