NexTV Series Argentina discussed how to monetize cross-screen advertising on TV

During the first day of NexTV Series Argentina, the conference held on May 16 and 17 in Buenos Aires, executives from Perfil Network, Grupo América, Google and Welo agreed that the digital advertising does not replace traditional TV advertising, and both complement each other.
During his participation in the executive panel called “How to monetize cross-screen advertising on TV”, Jonatan Fasano, digital commercial manager of Grupo América, said that there are FTA TV indicators going down, but despite that “TV still has many tools to defend itself. We are not in a stage in which monetization revenues from digital video are to replace television revenues. The idea is to complete them and achieve greater reach and audiences that may not be on TV.”
America, in partnership with Google, launched in November last year a solution that allows the company to insert digital ads on its website. “Our inventory increased by 25 times and today we can deliver the metrics that a digital buyer is looking for, six months ago we could not do that because we had on the website the same advertising as on FTA TV”.
In this sense, Matias Medina Rivero, Regional Lead, Publisher Solutions and Innovation of Google said, “There is still a lot to grow in TV advertising” and stressed the need to start combining business models. “The project with Grupo América is an example,” he said. “We allow monetizing that content live with an experience similar to TV advertising, but not only that, we added everything that has to do with digital segmentation.”
Cristian Hernández Rodríguez, digital director of Perfil Network, said that the worldwide investment in TV remained stable and stressed that channels get “30% while Google and Facebook get 70%.” “What happened is that we have not been able, as media and owners of the content, to accept that, as never before in a productive process, a third party in the middle gets 70% and the producers only 30% “.
According to Pablo Verdenelli, CEO & Founder of Welo, it is necessary to accelerate some innovation processes in traditional media to connect with online audiences. “What made Facebook and Google capture that participation more quickly is that they understood the digital audience long before the creators of content.”
Regarding programmatic advertising, Hernández said, “It is structural in the life of a media, but also is the development and adding value, that our contents have value in hand with brands.” Medina, meanwhile, mentioned the need to “take advantage of the programmatic tools to make all the process more efficient.” In turn, Verdenelli suggested to the creators to focus on the audience they already know “, while Fasano said that ”we must demystify” the idea that “buying programmatic advertising is buying cheaper.”