Nextv CEO Latin America debates on piracy and content distribution in Latin America

During the second day at  Nextv CEO Latin America, leading conference organized by Dataxis, which was held this Tuesday and Wednesday at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, Miami, Tom Wirth, SVP Americas of Nagra starred ‘Trends and opportunities in Latin America’, one-on-one session in which the executive focused on the evolution of content consumption in the region.

‘Subscribers do pay for the content, and prepaid sales are still important to the industry’, said Wirth. The Nagra executive described his company’s participation in the fight against the illegal use of content, and highlighted the usefulness of watermarking, which, according to Wirth, ‘it can be used to better attack the expansion of content without an authorization’. The executive also indicated that service providers ‘are concerned about this issue and are communicating with us to help them address it’.

When talking about content distribution, Wirth considered that ‘content aggregators will increase due to the rise of online services, with the consequent evolution in interfaces and the future search for who has to have this or that content, throughout search engines’. In addition, he added that ‘data analytics can help to anticipate churn (subscribers requesting to cancel the service), proposing a personal call with an offer, or changing prices based on supply and demand effects’.

The Nagra executive also expressed himself on how social networks collaborate in content accesses, and indicated that ‘in Latin America, the collection for services is different from the US or Europe, and this makes it necessary to pay special attention, because makes monetization difficult’.