New TV addressable advertising standard to be deployed in 2020

Disney, Turner, NBC, CBS and Discovery, together with Smart TVs company Vizio, formed the  Open Addressable Ready Project (OAR), a partnership for the development and deployment of a new standard for addressable advertising on Smart TVs. Full deployment is planned for the beginning of 2020.

‘We all recognize the most important goal of this initiative is to drastically enhance the TV experience for people at home’, said Vizio’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, William Wang.

Companies that take part of the partnership work  on the definition of technical standards for TV programmers and platforms, to offer more relevant advertising experiences in linear and on demand formats in Smart TVs. OAR project provides technical means to distributors and programmers to better monetise each TV impression through audience objectives based on segmentation and addressable insertion.

In addition, the project also plans to offer improved advertising products to brands, making the adds supply chain more efficient, and providing audiences advertising content in line with their preferences. ‘The standard will define the baseline for ad delivery, impression verification and privacy compliance, but networks will have plenty of room to create unique and enriched advertising experiences’, said Jodie McAfee, Senior Vice President at Inscape.