New series “Carcereiros” to premiere first on Globo Play

Globo’s original series “Carcereiros” (“Jailers”), which had its world premiere during MIPDrama Screenings in Cannes, will debut first in the streaming service Globo Play, on June 5. The series will be available on free-to-air TV in 2018, reported GShow website.

“Carcereiros” was co-produced by the Brazilian independent producer Gullane Films and addresses the dilemmas and conflicts experienced by prison staff in Brazil. The story is inspired by the book of the same name by Drauzio Varela.

During its presentation in Cannes, the series was awarded by the ‘Grand Jury’ on 2 April, in the second edition of the MIPDrama Screenings. “Carcereiros” competed in the category “Full Episodes” with productions of the United Kingdom, France, Russia and Sweden.

Globo’s strategy to release its series on the streaming platform, before the premiere on TV, has already given good results to the network. For this reason, In April the channel would also release via streaming the series “Brazil a Bordo”, according to the journalist Patrícia Kogut of news site O Globo. Just like “Carcereiros”, this new production will arrive to TV in 2018.