New OTT TV models for ISPs to close first Nextv Series Central America’s virtual edition

The last panel of what will be the first Nextv Series Central America’s virtual edition will be called ‘New OTT TV models for ISPs’, and will take place next Wednesday, June 30th, between 10:10 AM and 11:00 AM (GMT-6 CST). Registration for this one and the rest of the conference’s panel is now open, and can be done here. 

Some of the main topics to be debated and developed during the discussion will focus on traditional pay TV and new OTT bundles; how to bring low cost offers with OTT; the possibility of competing in the market without a video offer; OTT and D2C aggregation; and other related issues. Industry executives specially gathered by Dataxis to star in the panel will be Esteban Salcedo, General Director at Venite; Dmitry Erankevich, Business Development Manager at Yota; Joaquin Victoria Diaz, General Manager at Trans Ocean Network; and Jorge Alfredo Chacon, Managing Partner at Fibranet Telecom.

The inaugural edition of Nextv Series Central America will bring together in a friendly virtual format the leading pay TV operators, TV networks, FTA broadcasters, OTT platforms, content owners, telcos and ISPs from Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama. They will meet around a series of strategy panels to discuss the latest challenges and opportunities surrounding the generation, distribution and commercialization of TV content to audiences that are demanding ever more sophisticated ways to access their favorite live and on-demand programming. The conference will take place on Tuesday, June 29th and Wednesday, June 30th, both days starting at 9:00 AM (GMT-6 CST), and will be sponsored by TiVo, Irdeto, Broadpeak and Ross.

Registration for the first Nextv Series Central America’s virtual edition is free for Central American pay TV operators, FTA broadcasters, TV channels, OTT platforms, ISPs and telecom operators.