New opportunities and adding subscribers, main challenges of live streaming

During the first day of the Nextv Series Argentina event, the leading conference organized by Dataxis that took place on May 14 and 15 at the Intercontinental Hotel in Buenos Aires, the panel ‘The challenges of live streaming’ was developed. Laura Tapias (Applicaster), Walter Javier Semolic (Gomusic), Ernesto Martelli (La Nacion) and Pedro Freyre (TyC Sports) took part of it The main topics debated were the useful life of the content broadcast via streaming, how subscribers watch live content and the differences that are established when the same content is shown on multiple platforms.

‘Live streaming is an important challenge’ said Ernesto Martelli, Innovation Director of La Nación newspaper in Argentina, adding that, at present, ’here are high-cost coverages in real time, and we can not escape these challenges’. In a similar way, Walter Javier Semolic, CCO of GoMusic, which broadcasts live shows from musical artists also expressed himself in favour of streaming relevance. ‘Today artists need a video clip to become successful in their area, and that helps us,” he said. In addition, Martelli expressed that the experience of La Nacion is greater in the digital channel, but it does not pretend to be a traditional news TV network. ‘One of the great challenges is the useful life of what is being covered through streaming’, he said.

Pedro Freyre, Head of Programming and Content at TyC Sports, emphasized the need to search for niches of each specific sport, with their respective consumers. ‘What we take care of is the relationship with subscribers, who are the core of our business’, he said. In addition, he mentioned that the company works with information from social networks, mainly for the search of niches, but not to focus on hard data.

‘The American Cup 2019 will have live broadcasts through the app with  delegations transfers and other related events’, said Laura Tapias, General Manager of Applicaster. In this regard, Semolic said that fanx follow live streaming and, since the content is in the platform ‘subscribers  is already given an opportunity’. In addition, Martelli expressed himself on the differences that are established when the same content is available on different platforms, and said that, although the content is the same, results are different. ‘We have a high penetration in the Sub-25 segment on YouTube and Instagram, but this is not reflected in the other platforms and leads us to select the content’, he said.