New online television channel ‘Enfri TV’ launched in Ivory Coast

“Enfri Tv” is the new online television channel to enrich the digital media footprint in Ivory Coast.

The new online television channel is looking forward to stand out from the other platforms already present in the sector. In order to achieve this, the philosophy and the innovative approach it adopts should be major assets for the company.

According to Hyacinthe Ménan, the young entrepreneur who has more than 17 years of experience in advertising creating, Director of M-media & Director of Enfri TV, “We are going to broadcast 24 hours a day like a conventional television channel. For this tech-savvy, there is no doubt, digital is the media of the future.”

The duty of Enfri TV will be to promote the culture of Ivorian urban cities in its various expressions: in terms of language, lifestyle, artistic and literary trends, consumer products made in Ivory Coast.

The channel is managed by a team of young people which will provide freedom of expression, cultural enhancement, creativity, education and awareness raising. The programs should be available via the portal.