New FTA Satellite TV, PremiumFree TV to launch in South Africa

PremiumFree, a free-to-air satellite television, is set to launch in South Africa on May 1, 2021, with 18 channels.

PremiumFree has been available in West Africa (Ghana and Nigeria) since late 2018, but is now expanding a 25-channel bouquet of free channels to South Africa after it secured transponder space on Intelsat’s IS20 satellite.

“Broadcasting unencrypted not only means that the service can be offered free of charge, it also means that the channels can be instantly received on dishes and decoders already owned, installed and connected,” said Craig Kelly, CEO of AfricaXP, the company behind PremiumFree TV.

Intelsat’s Senior Account Director, Christelle Meyer, said, “Many countries dealing with economic disparity or smaller populations struggle with making fibre and mobile broadband work as a universal media distribution technology. Satellites will play a vital role in delivering rich media content to all corners of the continent well into the future”.