New African OTT platform Kwa Films now available worldwide

Kwa Films is a new OTT platform made in Reunion. This uncommon niche VOD service is available all over the world at It offers a flexible possibility to unlimited streaming on all screens through rental or subscription. 

From a tiny volcanic island, Kwa Films think big. The platform is an invitation to indulge into a different streaming experience with strong stories shall it be Shorts, fictions, documentaries and award-winning programs.

The service brings to light great films from the Indian ocean region, from South Africa to Australia while it also seeks to host programs from the rest of the world. 

Kwa Films define itself as a digital octopus, a getaway to Indian ocean cinema industry yet with a global outlook. There is no boundary, no limit to our picks while we ambition to bring to light strong stories.

Some of the popular films available are Gangster Project, Towards Tenderness, Kokota, Stories of our Life and Sac la mort.

Kwa Films is hosted by Kinow, the French data-driven OTT video platform solution. A high-quality viewing experience is guaranteed everywhere. The flow is at 2MB/s with dynamic adaptative streaming over http (DASH). 

Kwa Films is actively working on its international development. Kwa Films and Cynthia Brutus, at the head of Content Box / Mauritius, kicked off their first collaboration to develop the platform more widely in Africa. 

Kwa films also provide value added services to Hotels, libraries, ships, companies, associations or any community.  An optimized solution is ready to be deployed in form of multi-users accounts solution enable any community to subscribe and manage an account for their users.