NetOne partners with Huawei to upgrade its telecom network across Zimbabwe

Huawei has partnered with NetOne to upgrade its telecom network which will aim at improving the mobile broadband across Zimbabwe. The US$400 000 project is expected to commence soon with the required equipment procured by Huawei is already in the country ahead of the commencement of the project.

“We have partnered with Netone company to upgrade the network speed as well as improving mobile broadband speed especially in remote areas. During the implementation of the NetOne Phase II project, the network planning covers remote mountainous areas. In some remote areas, only NetOne provides services which achieves good social benefits and public recognition,” said Mr Jeckie Jiang, Huawei accounts manager.

NetOne’s network upgrade will help provide more Zimbabweans with broadband access, which is critical to the digital transformation that the government is determined to accelerate this year.