Netflix to release movies every week throughout 2021

Through a recently launched promotional video, Netflix announced a new initiative that it will implement during 2021, which consists of releasing new movies weekly throughout the year. As reported, the platform plans to launch more than 70 titles, between original productions and acquisitions, which will have Netflix as the first exhibition window.

Some of the stars that were part of the Netflix promotional video, are Dwayne Johnson, Melissa McCarthy, Halle Berry , Jason Momoa, Amy Adams, Ryan Reynolds, Chris Hemsworth, Leonardo Di Caprio and Lin-Manuel Miranda, among others. The list of releases covers genres such as comedy, drama, romance, western, thriller, action, horror, science fiction, musicals and animation. According to Netflix last quarterly results report (Q3 2020), the platform records 36.3 million subscribers in Latin America. 

‘None of us can predict what will happen with this pandemic, and things are shifting under our feet consistently. We are waiting to see what the other side of this will be. The good news is, people still love storytelling but we will all have to keep evolving. I think great things will happen in the film business over the next decade’, reported Scott Stuber, Head of Original Films at Netflix, in an interview with the specialized website Variety.

The Netflix announcement was officially made on January 12th, and, among the titles included, there are some that have already been released on the SVOD OTT.