Netflix to publish its reports by region from January 2020

In its Q3 2019 results report, Netflix reported that, starting with its Q4 2019 earnings report, to be published in January 2020, they plan to disclose revenue and membership by region: Asia Pacific (APAC), Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA), Latin America (LATAM), and the US and Canada (UCAN). In Q3, Netflix grew to USD 5,245 million in revenue, up 31% over the prior year, and average streaming paid memberships grew 22% (USD 158,33 million).

Netflix has also reported to be expanding its non-English language original offerings, in order to continue growing their penetration in international markets. In Q3, season 3 of La Casa de Papel became the most watched show on Netflix across its non-English language territories, with 44 million households watching the new season in the first four weeks of release. Sintonia, Netflix latest Brazilian original, was the second most watched inaugural season in Brazil.

Apart from that, Gregory Peters, Chief Product Officer at Netflix, explained that, during Q3, the OTT has expanded its partner-based bundle offerings, adding bundles with Sky Italia, Canal+ in France, KDDI in Japan and Izzi in Mexico. ‘We will sick to grow that. We think there is a bunch of opportunities both in the US with existing partners and expanding the number of bundles and sort of the bundle availability. We will also seek to expand that globally, because we think there is a tremendous number of opportunities globally to add those kind of partners and make it easier for members to sign up’, he said.