Netflix to launch new original production for Latin America in mid-December

Netflix has officially announced this Wednesday, December 2nd, the premiere of a new original production for Latin America, called ‘Rompan todo: la historia del rock en America Latina’, whose official launch is scheduled for December 16th, and will last six episodes.

As officially reported by Netflix, the project was directed by film director and photographer Picky Talarico, who has directed music videos for several Latin American musicians; produced by the Red Creek production company; and its executive production was in charge of the Argentines Nicolas Entel and Gustavo Santaolalla, awarded with two Oscars. ‘Rompan Todo’ focuses on telling the history of rock in the region, even exploring how social and political facts have influenced different albums and songs in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and other countries on the continent.

‘’Rompan todo’ is the history of Latin American rock and roll in the voice of its leading actors. Through six episodes, musicians like Charly Garcia and Fito Paez, and bands like Soda Stereo, Cafe Tacvba and Los Prisioneros, tell the story that they wrote with their electric guitars through decades, fighting against power, censorship and repression’,  they officially reported from Netflix in relation to the plot of the content.

The series features stock footage, more than 150 songs and interviews with the most relevant musicians and bands in the region, such as Soda Stereo (Argentina); Cafe Tacvba (Mexico); Charly Garcia (Argentina); Los Prisioneros (Chile); El Tri (Mexico); Los Fabulosos Cadillacs (Argentina); Andres Calamaro (Argentina); Molotov (Mexico); Mon Laferte (Chile); Aterciopelados (Colombia); Fito Paez (Argentina); and others.

As part of its Q3 2020 results report presentation, Netflix reported a total of 36.3 million subscribers in Latin America. Although the figure shows an increase in relation to the number of clients reported at the end of Q2 2020 in the region, during the last three months there was a slowdown in terms of new subscribers, since the platform added only 256 thousand compared to 36,068 million that the company had reported at the end of June. Also, globally, Netflix has barely added 2.2 million customers.