Netflix to launch its second Argentine original movie in August

Netflix announced this Thursday it will launch ‘Crimenes de Familia’, a new film that will be released globally on August 19th, produced by Buffalo Films and Magoya Films for the platform. It is the second Argentine film to be released on Netflix, after ‘La Corazonada’, officially released last May 28th.

‘Crimenes de Familia’ follows the story of Alicia, a desperate mother, who will do everything possible to prevent her son Daniel from being sent to prison, accused of attempted murder of his ex-wife. In the middle of the whole process, Alicia will discover a rugged hidden plot, which will completely change her life and turn her into a real nightmare’, Netflix reported about the plot of her new original film, starring Argentine actors Cecilia Roth, Miguel Angel Sola, Benjamin Amadeo and Sofia Gala Castiglione.

In its last quarterly results report (Q1 2020), Netflix recorded more than 34 million subscribers in Latin America and increased the number of clients in the region by 9.2% compared with the last quarter 2019. Likewise, in February Netflix held an event in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which was attended by Reed Hastings, CEO of the company. There, a series of productions filmed in the country were announced, which are gradually being released on the platform. ( The premiere of the series ‘Casi Feliz’ was recently announced on May 1st, in addition to the recently released ‘Puerta 7’ and ‘El Reino’. Apart from  this announcement, Netflix reported it plans to open a new office in Buenos Aires, as confirmed by the company through a video.