Netflix to launch its first original series in Egypt

A brand-new Egyptian Netflix original series, Paranomal, is coming to Netflix. Starring Ahmed Amin, the show is based on the novel by late Egyptian author Ahmed Khaled Tawfik and will be produced by Netflix. Tawfik, who passed away in early 2018, was a prolific author having penned over 200 books, and is considered a pioneer of contemporary Arabic science-fiction writing.

As Netflix expands its works in Arabic language, Paranormal will be the third Middle Eastern original show after Jinn and AlRawabi School for Girls. Produced by Salama and Mohamed Hefzy, Paranormal was appointed president of the Cairo Film Festival in 2018. 

In a statement, Netflix said, “Set in the 1960s, the series, packed with mystery and suspense, depicts the adventures of paranormal leading character Dr. Refaat Ismail, a single haematologist who finds himself faced with a series of supernatural events.”