Netflix to cancel active accounts with no access to its contents

Netflix announced that it will begin to cancel subscriber accounts that are paying the monthly subscription but have not accessed its content for a year or more. The decision will take place in Latin America, where OTT already recorded almost 35 million subscribers, and the rest of the world.

‘On Netflix, the last thing we want is for people to pay for a service they do not use’, Netflix reported in an official statement. Before definitively deleting the accounts, Netflix reported that it will contact those subscribers who have been inactive for two years on the platform and those clients who have more than a year of membership and have not accessed any content. In case they do not confirm if they want to continue with the service, Netflix will automatically cancel the subscription.

According to the company’s latest quarterly results report, Netflix recorded 34.3 million subscribers in Latin America, 9.2% more than the 31.4 million it made at the end of 2019.