Netflix to boost subscribers in Africa with new mobile plans

After five years on the Africa continent, Netflix has struggled to grow in Africa dominated by piracy, poverty and limited access to broadband. Netflix has come up with a cheap and mobile-subscription offers with access to local shows that focuses a lot on cultures and experiences of Africans. 

Nigeria has the biggest economy and is the heart of the TV industry in Sub-Saharan Africa, which has also a rapid expansion of 4G mobile networks making it easy for audiences to streaming services. Netflix is testing if viewers will buy the mobile-only service at 1,200 naira ($2.65) a month, well below the 2,900 naira it’s been charging for its most basic account. 

” We want to tell amazing stories tailored to different languages, different tastes, and different moods,” announced a Netflix spokesperson. 

Netflix plans to expand the mobile-only subscriptions permanently if the trials are successful.