Netflix to air new TV show, Takki, in Saudi Arabia

New Saudi drama series, Takki, will be broadcasted on Netflix. Produced by UTURN which is part of Webedia Arabia Group, the dramatic series follows the story of a young Saudi film director following his dream of what was once a ban of cinemas in the Kingdom and several other social issues such as women not being able to drive at one point in time. It reflects facets of the Saudi society and the social challenges its youth faced, providing insights into the life of a generation caught between conservatism and modernism. The homegrown Saudi series was written and produced by Mohammad (Anggy) Makki.

Initially a YouTube phenomenon that aired in 2012, Takki – meaning “to chill” (to relax) in the Saudi socially spoken Arabic – gained wide popularity among the youth for its progressive approach and relatable premises. This made Takki one of the most popularly received YouTube series originating out of the Middle East.

“In a region that lacks content relevant to the Saudi youth, localization was key. Additionally, Saudi Arabia is filled with rising stars and through UTURN, we’ve created talent pools and incubated them. This is our way of helping to reshape the future of content and the Saudi digital culture. Webedia Arabia Group is now full of opportunities that are in line with the Saudi Vision 2030 and we are positioned to develop outstanding content reaching worldwide audiences”, announced Kaswara Al-Khatib, Chairman of the Board, Webedia Arabia Group and Founder of UTURN.