Netflix subscribers are able to watch series and movies with other users remotely

Due to the Coronavirus spread, Netflix subscribers are now able to use Netflix Party, a Google Chrome extension that makes it possible for the OTT subscribers to watch the titles they want and discuss them live with other users of the platform.

According to the Argentine newspaper ‘Ambito Financiero’,to install it, Netflix subscribers must enter the Netflix Party website, and click on ‘Install Netflix Party’. This way, the website will send each Netflix client to the Google Chrome extensions website, where they must click on ‘Add to Chrome’. Finally, an “NP” icon will be available on the navigation bar on the right of the screen, which will be activated each time Netflix subscribers wants to enter the OTT website.

This way, when starting to watch a series or movie, the logo will be activated and a dialog box will be opened, in which it will also be possible to chat without pausing the content that is being watched. In addition, the possibility of calling other users by sending the URL will be available, as long as they have the downloaded the Chrome extension.