Netflix slows its subscribers base growth and ends Q3 2020 with 36.3 million subscribers in Latin America

As part of its Q3 2020 results report presentation, Netflix reported a total of 36.3 million subscribers in Latin America. Although the figure shows an increase in relation to the number of clients reported at the end of Q2 2020 in the region, during the last three months there was a slowdown in terms of new subscribers, since the platform added only 256 thousand compared to 36,068 million that the company had reported at the end of June. Also, globally, Netflix barely added 2.2 million customers.

As officially reported by Netflix, the 36.3 million subscribers reported in Latin America mean an increase of just over 2 million customers in relation to the 34.3 million that Netflix had at the end of Q1 2020. Also, compared to Q3 2019, the OTT added 6.9 million customers, since at that time the platform had 29.3 million subscribers in the region.

According to Netflix figures, the UCAN region (US and Canada) continues to be the leader in terms of OTT subscriptions, with 73,081 million customers at the end of Q3. The EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa) ranked second, in which Netflix ended September with 62.2 million customers. Latin America ranked third, with the 36.3 million subscribers already mentioned, and, finally, the APAC (Asia-Pacific) region achieved a total of 23.5 million subscribers.

This way, and always in relation to Q2 2020, the UCAN region added only 177 thousand new users; while EMEA added just 759 thousand customers. Latin America reported 256 thousand more subscribers; and the APAC region made a growth of 1,012 million subscribers, being the region with the highest growth of the period in terms of new subscribers.