Netflix removes free trial period month in Brazil

Netflix decided to cancel its free trial month for new subscribers in Brazil. The measure had been announced in March last year and affected several countries in Latin America, Europe and the Caribbean, although Brazil and Puerto Rico had been exempted. Currently, the 30-day free trial is available in Puerto Rico, the US and that country’s Virgin Islands.

‘At present, no free trials are offered in your country. To start your new membership, visit, choose the plan and payment method you prefer, enter your email, set your password, and start watching the content’, Netflix reports on its help center. To confirm the availability of the free period, the site allows to choose the country, and displays a message from the company, announcing whether or not the trial period is available.

Netflix’s plans in Brazil are valued at R$ 21.90 (USD 5) for the Basic plan (HD resolution and access to content on a single screen); R$ 32.90 (USD 7.5) for the Standard plan (HD resolution and access on two simultaneous screens), and R$ 45.90 (USD 10.5) for the Premium plan (4K resolution and access on four screens at the same time). The benefit that Netflix now grants to its new subscribers in Brazil consists of a 30-day trial period in the Premium plan, at the Basic price.