Netflix provides free access to its new Brazilian series first episode

Netflix will make the first episode of Irmandade, its new Brazilian series, available for free. The series will be premiered tomorrow on the platform, and it will be possible to access to its first episode until next November 22nd, with no need to make a previous registration to watch it. 

It is the first time Netflix does an action like this in Brazil. In August, when the series Sintonia was launched, its first episode became available for a two-day period on the Kondzilla YouTube account. According to UOL, more than 100 thousand people watched it during the first three hours and, at the end of the free period, another 500 thousand views were added. 

In Irmandade, an honest lawyer reaches a moral crossroads after the cops force her to inform on her incarcerated brother, the leader of a rising criminal faction.