Netflix produces six original series in Colombia

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said during an event held in Bogotá, Colombia, that the company is producing six original series in the country. The executive also confirmed that Mexican original “La Casa de las Flores” will have another two seasons. In total, 70 original contents are being filmed in Latin America.
To the already announced Colombian series ” Distrito Salvaje”, which premieres on October 19, “Siempre Bruja” and “Frontera Verde” Netflix now added the second season of the crime anthology “Historia de un crimen”, which will focus on the Luis Andrés Colmenares case , and two comedy specials with local comedians Liss Pereira and Ricardo Quevedo.
Although “Narcos” was the series that put Colombia on the map of the productions filmed in the country, the company now seeks to expand the range of genres. “It is true that we produced ‘Narcos’ here, but we have expanded the field of action to other themes that can show the best of the country,” Hastings said.
The executive also mentioned that the second season of “La casa de las flores”, by Manolo Caro, will arrive in 2019 and the third in 2020. According to Hastings, the original productions in Latin American countries have multiplied by five since they began to produce in the region in 2015, local newspaper Dinero reported.
“Expanding our content to different genres allows us to diversify the offer and provide more options through our platform that transcends borders and continues to evolve.”