Netflix plans to expand its content catalog with video games as of 2022

According to information reported by the US financial advisory company Bloomberg, Netflix plans to expand its catalog beyond movies and series, and is evaluating the addition of video games as part of its content offering, as of 2022 on a global scale.

According to Bloomberg, Netflix does not plan to charge its subscribers an extra cost for them to access its video games catalog, which will be available within the platform and will have its own section. This way, Bloomberg reported that Netflix has hired Mike Verdu, who will serve as Netflix’s Vice President of Game Development, and will report to Netflix’s COO, Greg Peters.

Although it is the first initiative of this type by announced by Netflix, which will allow it to differentiate itself from other platforms such as HBO Max or Disney+ that, up to now, do not include video games as part of their content offering, Netflix has already licensed rights to some of its original titles, such as ‘Stranger Things’ or ‘Bandersnatch’, to develop video games based on those series.

Before joining the Facebook team, Verdu served as VP of Content for Facebook Reality Labs. In addition, he worked as Mobile SVP for Electronic Arts, where he was responsible for the studios that operated video games such as ‘SimCity’; ‘The Simpsons: Tapped Out’’, and others.