Netflix not to be included in Apple’s OTT

Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, confirmed that its catalog will not be included in the one that Apple will release. Days ago, the company invited media from around the world to an event that will take place next March 25th at the Steve Jobs Theatre in the US, where Apple is expected to launch its TV and video OTT globally. The company did not give any information on the reason for the meeting, but launch date would be in April.

‘Apple is a great company, but we want people to watch our shows on our platform’, Hastings said, and later confirmed that ‘we have decided not to integrate ourselves into their services’, as part of the 2019 edition of the annual Netflix Labs event. Explaining the reasons for the decision, Netflix’s CEO informed that the company will continue to invest in original productions, where it plans to allocate USD 15 billion this year.

‘For us, the key point is to continue focusing on the consumer’, said Hastings. And he explained that it is possible to learn from the competition, ‘but you should not devote much time to that, but on how to develop the content’. In addition, he expressed that ‘for sure, they will have good shows, but the point is not to get distracted and keep learning about what happens around’.