Netflix launches top 10 list for most popular titles in each country

Netflix announced that its subscribers already have a top 10 list available with its most popular titles. This initiative has already been launched in Mexico and the United Kingdom six months ago and, due to the positive experience it recorded, the platform decided to roll it out ‘to even more’.

In addition to the general list of titles, Netflix added a new row that lists the 10 series and 10 most popular films in the country where each account is based. The top 10 is updated daily and the location of each title in the row will change according to how relevant they are for each subscriber. ‘We hope these top 10 lists will help create more of these shared moments, while also helping all of us find something to watch more quickly and easily’, they officially reported from Netflix. 

On its latest quarterly results report, Netflix reported that it has more than 30 million subscribers in Latin America. In addition, it moved its Latin American regional headquarters to Mexico and removed its free trial month in Brazil, which is now included in the list of countries where the tool is no longer available.