Netflix launches gaming segment in Latin America and around the world

Netflix launched “Netflix Games”, its new video game catalogue available to users of all its plans in Latin America and around the world, at no additional cost. For this first stage, which was only enabled for the Android operating system, the platform offers five games, two of them based on the OTTs original production Stranger Things, while the rest are not related to other content.

The project had first come to life when it launched its trial period in Poland at the end of August this year. Later, a version was enabled in Italy and Spain, but it wasn’t until now that the official edition was released worldwide. As reported by Netflix, for some of the video games it will be necessary to be connected to an Internet network, while others can also be accessed offline. However, it will be mandatory to enter from an adult profile, since they will not be enabled for children.

Mike Verdu, Vice President of Game Development at Netflix, said about the new era of the platform: “This incredible play experience is an adventure that is just beginning. We are excited to continue improving our mobile gaming experience and expanding our entertainment offering in the coming months“.