Netflix launches new trailer and release date of its first production with Polka in Argentina

Netflix launched the trailer for Puerta 7, its new original Argentine series, which also means its first partnership with Argentine content producer Polka. Apart from that, the OTT announced that the premiere of the series, which will last eight episodes, will be on February 21st.

Puerta 7 bases its argument on an exploration of the Argentine football fans groups that are linked with football, politics and organized crime. The series follows a woman in her attempt to cross this world, and to clean a football club of its criminal element; how a young man gets involved with these football fans groups to get his family out of poverty, as well as the war that is fostered within the fans of the same club, while different factions fight for the soul of the group and the money of the club income

The series recreates the fictional world of ‘Ferroviarios Futbol Club”, and is set in different locations throughout Buenos Aires. The cast of the series is made by Argentine actors Dolores Fonzi, Esteban Lamothe, Carlos Belloso, Daniel Aráoz, Juan Gil Navarro, Antonio Grimau, and others.