Netflix continues betting in Mexico and plans to invest more than USD 300 million in the country in 2021

As reported this last Monday, January 25th by the Forbes Mexico website, Netflix plans to make a more than USD 300 million investment in the country, with the aim of making about 50 original productions, whether local or global filmed there, to be premiered during 2021. The figure is added  to the USD 200 million that the company invested in 2020, with the same purpose.

Netflix also reported that they are about to open their Latin American regional headquarters in Mexico City (CDMX), from which the company will direct and operate for all the markets in which it is available in the region. ‘We are excited to open our headquarters for Latin America in CDMX this year. We expect that, by the end of 2021, our regional office will feature more than 100 employees’, the company reported Forbes Mexico. In addition, the company headed by Reed Hastings created this year in Mexico the business name ‘Netflix Mexico S. de R.L. de C.V.’, with which it will operate in the country both as a company and as a local distributor.

Some of the figures reported to Forbes Mexico by Netflix show that the series ‘Oscuro Deseo’ (2020), produced in Mexico, was watched in 35 million homes worldwide during the first 28 days, and was in the top 10 in 77 countries, including Brazil, Colombia, Spain, France and the US. In addition, the series ‘Control Z’ (2020), also produced in Mexico, was watched on 20.5 million households worldwide during the first 28 days, and was available in the top 10 in 64 countries, including Mexico, Brazil, Spain, France and the US.

Days ago, Netflix made its Q4 2020 results report presentation, where it reported having 37.5 million subscribers in Latin America. During the last quarter of the year, the platform added 8.5 million subscribers globally, to end the year with a total of 203 million subscribers worldwide. By Q1 2021, the company plans to have a total of 209 million subscribers globally. (Ultram)