Netflix and HBO Max have the largest offer in Spanish according to Reelgood study

Netflix and HBO Max are the platforms with the largest Spanish offer in the United States among the five largest OTTs, according to a study carried out by the streaming guide Reelgood. Furthermore, the analysis found that the Latin market in North America is fragmented but has one of the fastest growing demographics in the region.

According to the report, the HBO OTT Hispanic catalogue reached 3% of its total offer in the last year, which represents a growth of almost 1% compared to 2020, when it had 2.1% . Meanwhile, Hulu, Disney + and Prime Video reached 1.7%; 1.1% and 0.7%, respectively, by 2021.

Nevertheless, Netflix leads the competition with a wide advantage, since in its American library, 6.4% of series and movies are hispanic productions, among which some of the most popular shows such as Élite, Luis Miguel and Money Heist. Like HBO Max, it also grew close to one percentage point in the last year, according to Reelgood, and that is why the report announces that as a result of this phenomenon, greater growth in content in Spanish will be started within the main platforms.