Netflix adapts three of its original realities in Brazil

Netflix continues to increase its original productions in Brazil, where it announced that it will adapt three of its original realities. Likewise, in 2019 the platform announced a plan to develop 30 new productions in the country and an around R $ 350 million (USD 67.7 million) investment in Brazilian productions for this year.

The realities that the platform will adapt are ‘Dating Around’; ‘Love is Blind’ and ‘Too Hot to Handle’, which already have international versions on the platform and, from now on, will have their original versions in Brazil too. The first to be released will be ‘Dating Around’, under the name ‘O Crush Perfeito’, on July 10th, produced by Endemol Shine Brazil and set in São Paulo. Originally released in February last year, ‘Dating Around’ was Netflix’s first original reality show based on love dating. In each episode, a single man or woman makes five blind dates with people of different races and sexual preferences and, in case of establishing a real connection, they can agree on a second date.

Love is Blind’ will be adapted as ‘Casamento às Cegas’, and will be released in 2021. The plot of the reality focuses on singles who must choose the person they want to marry, but without having previously seen it. They will only meet through conversations they will have through booths, which will not allow them to see each other.

Finally, ‘Too Hot to Handle’ will be called ‘Brincando com Fogo’, and it will be a reality show where single men and women will be in a heavenly place and, to win, they must avoid all kinds of contact between them.

In addition to the announcements made, in early 2020 Netflix removed its first free trial period month in Brazil and recently allocated USD 1 million from its aid fund for the country’s audiovisual industry workers.