NCI to launch its programs in Ivory Coast

In Ivory Coast, the New Ivory Coast Channels (NCI) will launch its programs on December 12th. After several days of intense communication, one of the most awaited channels, including on the TNT platform, will present its program to Ivorian viewers.

Thanks to a partnership with Nostalgie Radio, which is very popular on the national territory, some of the best-known animators in the country should help NCI get off to a good start.

The channel that plans to broadcast 60% of local content can also count on its partnership with Henriette Duparc, heir to the Ivorian director Henri Duparc. His most famous films (Dust Ball, Abusuan, Caramel, Princess Street, etc.) will be broadcast on NCI.

Pending the launch of DTT, the channel will be able to test the reception offered in its program schedule for possible adjustments.