NBC Universal to launch its OTT in April 2020

Steve Burke, CEO at NBC Universal, gave more details on its new streaming platform, which launching date is planned for April 2020. Its model will be based on advertising, and its catalog will feature mostly acquired content, led by The Office, which will return once the available agreement that links it to Netflix until the end of next year ends. 

In an analysts conference that took place yesterday, NBC Universal’s CEO explained that the OTT will be launched on NowTV, Sky’s streaming platform and, although he did not give an exact launch date, he said that his team is working to make the platform available as soon as April 2020, and anticipated that it will be based on an advertising model.

Together with The Office, the OTT will initially offer mainly acquired content, leaving original productions for a second stage. ‘Most of our catalog will be acquired content. We are investing some money in original productions and we have a number of projects that emerge from the series we already have. But, at the beginning, most consumption content will be from our acquired shows’, the executive explained.