Naijatastic has launched a mobile app in Nigeria

Launched at the start of the year, Naijatastic allows users to stream audio and video all free of charge.

“Naijatastic helps artists to promote their locally made audio content,” the Naijatastic team told Music In Africa. “It brings about a bond between the artist, as well as their fans and listeners all over the world.

“It benefits talented artists who make their own content recognised for their talent. Artists who are already using the Naijatastic platform have seen their fan base expand tremendously over the period they make use of the opportunity given to them.

On the Naijatastic platform, artists, fans and producers can communicate with each other via private message system and this encourages collaborations. Also record labels owners or music producers can scout for talent by listening to and downloading their songs on the Naijatastic platform. We create opportunities online to showcase Nigerian talents and offline through house parties and music events organised by us to benefit upcoming independent artists.”

Naijatastic media executive Bastos Tosin said: “Mobile usability is vital and a deciding factor to the success of a product. This is why we took time to publish an iOS and Android app that improves user experience and builds on our main platform.”