My-HD extends deal with SPI International for MENA

Middle East pay TV platform My-HD will carry channel provider SPI International’s flagship TV channels for another three years thanks to a new deal between the companies.

The new agreement ensures that subscribers to My-HD pay TV services will continue to be able to view channels provided by SPI International, providing access to content ranging from Hollywood films to live video game tournaments, extreme sports and documentaries. The channels include FilmBox, DocuBox, Fast&FunBox, FightBox and Gametoon which will continue to air on the My-HD platform.

“SPI International and MY-HD have been working together for three years and it is my pleasure to announce that we have renewed our channel distribution partnership in the MENA region until 2021.” said Murat Muratoğlu, head of distribution for Middle East, Ex-Yugoslavia, Baltic States, Bulgaria, Greece, India, Turkey, CIS Countries and APAC at SPI International.

Karam Hamad, chief sales and marketing officer of My-HD commented on the deal: “this great partnership with SPI International has proven itself beneficial to My-HD subscribers. It is a privilege to have FilmBox, DocuBox, Fast&FunBox, FightBox and Gametoon on the My-HD platform. We are confident that the evolving programming of the channels will reward our multi-cultural viewers across the Middle East and North Africa with an even better Pay TV viewing experience.”