MVS wins Supreme Court support for FTA TV in CDMX

Mexico’s Supreme Court of Justice (SCJN) ruled in favor of MVS Comunicaciones, which wants to provide free-to-air TV in Mexico City, with the 52Mx channel. This is the most important FTA market in the country.
For the second time, the Justice ruled in favor of MVS, which had filed a protective action against the Telecommunications Federal Institute (IFT), reported El Universal. After the decision, the issue will return to the regulatory body, which will have to resolve if the firm can use the concession to compete in the FTA market.
In 2014, IFT had denied MVS the possibility of using the 52Mx concession title to broadcast on FTA TV, claiming that the license was only for pay TV. MVS decided to go to court and the case finally reached the Supreme Court.
Prior to this ruling, in July IFT had authorized the transmission of 52Mx in CDMX using the frequency 6.4 that belongs to Multimedios.