Multimedios Television to expand coverage in Mexico

Mexican Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) started the bidding process for digital terrestrial television channels. Multimedios Televisión obtained a total of six new channels, which will expand its presence to more regions of the country.

The value of the offer for the TV channels reached more than MX $ 647 million (USD 36.3 million). In this way, Multimedios Television will grow from a free-to-air coverage of more than 13 million to about 46 million in 18 cities, local newspaper Milenio reported.

Among the channels stands out the one obtained in Mexico City. In Mexico DF, Francisco Aguirre Gómez, president of Radio Center, was also awarded with a DTT channel. Both companies offered MX $426 million (USD 24 million) each.

In 2015, Radio Centro was awarded with a fourth nationwide free-to-air network but it withdrew its MX$ 3 billion (USD 168 million) offer and had to pay MX$ 400 million (USD 23 million) fine.

According to IFT, during the initial round of the bidding process, offers for 28 channels were accepted for MX$ 1.5 billion (USD 85.4 million).